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Originally developed over 14 years ago, the Hairaiser or 14mm Barrel wafter was the brain child of Steve Slater shortly after setting up Innovate Baits.
The idea was that the Barrel shape made it more difficult for the carp to get rid of than the standard round shape. Hugely successful and a stand-out hookbait, the Hairaiser has become a must-have in any carp angler's armoury and is one of the most copied products on the market!
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Acid Pear Hairaisers
96 in stock
Who can forget walking into the newsagents and buying a quarter of Pear drops back in the day? These hairaisers smell the same and utilize the same flavour found in the sweets. Potent and an out and out fish catcher. Revisit your childhood with these fantastic Acid Pear hairaisers!
Apocalypse Hairaisers
89 in stock
The same flavour and liquid food package to match the 365 Apocalypse big fish mix
Banarama Hairaisers
85 in stock
One of the all-time favourite Hairaisers, this Banana and Cinnamon oil hookbait is an out-and-out fish catcher.
Creamy Malt & Chocolate (CMC) Jaffa Hairaisers
86 in stock
Another one that has gained a cult following, the Choc Malt with Jaffa oil has caught a staggering amount of carp.
Kream Krunch Jaffa Hairaisers
82 in stock
The match the hatch Hairaiser for the awesome 365 Kream Krunch Jaffa cold water mix.
N-Butyric Acid (NBA) Tutti Frutti Hairaisers
89 in stock
A stand-out fluorescent orange hookbait with a super-potent Tutti Frutti flavour and N-Butyric Acid combo.
Pine-n-Tric (PNT) Hairaisers
86 in stock
The famous ester Pineapple and N-Butyric hookbait is pungent and a renowned fish catcher
Reaper Nut Mix (RNM) Hairaisers
90 in stock
The match the hatch Hairaiser for the outstanding 365 Reaper Nut mix
Squid-2T Hairaisers
62 in stock
The match the hatch Hairaiser for the once-in-a-generation carp bait that is Squid-2T
Squid-2T Pink Hairaisers
82 in stock
The fluorescent pink Squid-2T Hairaiser needs little introduction - in your face and catches for fun
The Fix Hairaisers
93 in stock
To match the 365 big red fish meal mix that is The Fix, the Pure Garlic oil sets this one apart.
Kriller Hairaisers
The match the hatch Hairaiser for the 365 Kriller Fruit and fish mix.