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Our highly-successful 365 Range of hand-rolled carp baits are produced using a steaming process as opposed to boiling, which ensures a far greater retention of High Nutritional Values (HNV) within our baits, providing a long-term, very digestible food source, which carp will readily take and continue to accept and recognise as an invaluable, all-year-round supplement to their dietary requirements.
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One of the big fish meals in the range and contrary to many beliefs concerning fish meals, the Apocalypse has produced some outstanding results in the depths of winter.
Containing 40% fish meal including Soluble, Lt-94 and Krill, the addition of Fenugreek and garlic to the base mix gives it an incredible kick. We have given this a Monster Crab and plum flavouring, rounded off with the one-and-only Mexican Onion Oil and added soluble liquid fish and Shrimp extracts to complete this renowned fish catcher.
Kream Krunch Jaffa
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For the last 14 years, the KK has built a reputation as being the ultimate cold water carp bait - few can argue, considering its track record but it's fair to say that it produces great results all year round.
A highly-digestible and soluble base mix contains various milk proteins at levels suitable for cold water soluble yeasts and liver. The digestibility is enhanced with the addition of Maize Gluten Protein, Yellow bird food and Wheatgerm. We have added a Creamy Malt and Chocolate flavour, which is blended in-house and rounded it off with a cold pressed orange oil. Liver liquid and Fosfor complete this fantastic food bait.
Reaper Nut Mix (RNM)
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Released over 2 years ago, the RNM was put together because we felt that the market needed a true nut food bait, not one that was loaded with Tiger nut under the guise of a nut bait.
The RNM certainly fitted our requirements and has become a huge favourite among big fish hunters with a string of UK 50s under its belt.
Containing high levels of human grade Roasted Peanut meal, a red bird food, liver powder enhancer, yeasts and our own blended super cream mix. The liquid package includes a fantastic Nut and Scopex flavour combo with Liver liquid and nut oil. A winner 365 days of the year!
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Not much of an introduction needed for the legendary Squid-2T, it was the first steamed carp bait put together by Steve Slater over 14 years ago and to this day is still the most popular in the 365 Range. Still dominating the same waters where it was first introduced back in the day, the Squid-2T has built a reputation as one of the best carp food baits of all time!
It is difficult to put a label on the base mix, however with nearly 20 dry mix ingredients ranging from fish meals including Krill and soluble variants, purified blood powder, Robin Red, WPC, Yeasts and our awesome 3 sweet spice mix with Spirulina which is classed as a super food within itself. The liquid package includes our special Ethyl Squid and Ester Tutti Frutti coupled with a pure Black Pepper oil. Add Minamino to this and you have perhaps the most digestible carp bait available today!
The Fix
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The Fix is perhaps the ultimate red fish meal. Containing nearly 40% of various fish meals including solubles and Antarctic Krill, with Oyster shell and Kelp meal to aid digestion, we have given the base mix a kick with a generous helping of Chilli powder and have also used Asafoetida as a natural stimulant. The liquid food and flavour package includes a soluble fish extract and Salmon oil with a lovely Peach flavour and rounded off with a pungent Garlic oil, making it super attractive even in the coldest water.
A firm favourite with some of the guys working in the factory, The Fix certainly has that X factor!
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The Kriller has gained a cult following in Spain of all places, with carp up to mid 70s from the Ebro it's hardly surprising. However with so many other quality baits available from the Innovate Stable, Kriller has taken somewhat of a back seat in the UK. Do not be put off by this as Kriller has certainly caught its fair share on these shores.
A mid-range fish meal with Antarctic Krill, the base mix also contains the usual array of goodies including Robin Red, our own Clo and Turmeric. We have put a fruit palatant into the dry mix to give the mix a fruity undertone, unusual considering the flavour combo is Squid and Monster crab and the liquid food is a C.S.L and Black Strapped Molasses combo. A super sweet bait that certainly works!