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Our range of high quality HNV (High Nutritional Value) base mixes are at the pinnacle of base mix design. Each one has been put together with the aim of providing a bait that will encourage fish to feed 365 days of the year as well as providing a long term food source. The 3 main factors we consider when designing a mix are Digestibility, Palatability and Solubility and every one of our mixes fit the bill perfectly.

Each kilo of base will provide at least 1.3 to 1.4 kilo of finished rolled bait.

We also provide a custom rolling service and are renowned for a trusted service and the quality product we produce on our fully automated systems. Feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange a visit or receive a quote for our services!
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Apocalypse Base Mix
From £25.00
97 in stock
Containing 3 fish meals including Antarctic Krill. The addition of Fenugreek, Garlic and Whey proteins make this base mix the complete package when it comes to a long term food source. A big fish meal without comparison.
Kream Krunch Jaffa Base Mix
From £25.00
97 in stock
A fantastic base mix that will suit just about any flavour or liquid food package. Containing an array of highly digestible ingredients including Wheatgerm, Yellow Bird food and Maize protein, inclusions of high quality milks at the right levels for cold water solubility coupled with a high grade yeast and our own blended Milk B+ and Lactose feed stimulant to induce feeding triggers. An outstanding all year round base mix.
Kriller Base Mix
From £25.00
100 in stock
The fish meal with a fruity undertone. As the name suggests, contains Antarctic Krill as well as white fish meal. We love spices in our fish meals and this one contains the awesome Turmeric as well as our usual helping of Yeast powder. We have added a blended fruit powdered feed inducer to the mix to set it apart.
Pop-Up Base Mix
From £7.95
96 in stock
Perhaps the most buoyant and reliable pop-up mix available today. Not only do we tank test for weeks on end, this mix was tested in a natural environment, i.e. 30 foot plus depths at a 100% success rate over a period of days. Rolls and guns out a dream and just perfect for the do it yourself bait buffs!
Reaper Nut Mix (RNM) Base Mix
From £25.00
98 in stock
For those in the know, a bait filled with Tiger nut meal is by definition NOT a nut bait as a Tiger nut is not a nut. Well if we are going to release a nut bait, it has got to be a true nut base, and this one certainly is. Containing high levels of high quality Roasted Peanut Meal coupled with high grade whey protein concentrates, yeast, Bird food, Maize protein and a powdered cream feed inducer. Simply a grade one Nut base mix!
Squid-2T Base Mix
From £25.00
96 in stock
The base mix of the legendary fish catcher that is S2T. Perhaps the most digestible mix on the market, certainly the most attractive when it comes to a long term food. You cant give this mix a label as it contains a multitude of ingredients that just work together, including Fish meals, Milks, our 3 spice mix which includes Aniseed, purified blood powder and yeast. It's as good as it can possibly get!
The Big Fish Meal Base Mix
From £45.00
100 in stock
A simple fish meal base mix design. Although very effective on its own, it also enables you to add your little favourites to make it your own. A 30% fish meal mix with Whey Proteins, Calf milks and Maize products. Rolls a dream and does the job. In fact whenever we are contacted to provide a fish meal feed bait or custom bait for fisheries and anglers alike, this mix is our starting point!
The Fix Base Mix
From £25.00
99 in stock
The Red Fish meal of the range. As with the Apocalypse, this base has 3x fish meals at levels exceeding 35% which include solubles and Krill Meal. Chilli powder gives this a lovely kick but it is the Asafoetida powder we use that really sets it apart from the norm. Another outstanding food source that just keeps on doing the business!