Steamed Baits, Pop-ups , Glugs , And High Quality Bait Making Ingredients

Welcome Carp Anglers
A very warm welcome to Innovate Baits, a company dedicated to providing the carp angler with a quality selection of the finest carp fishing baits and ingredients, complimented with a service that is second to none. Our unique range of rolled baits are steamed, not boiled, for ultimate freshness and retention of nutritional value providing the carp with an exceptional food that is accepted again and again. The best carp baits just got better.

As well as the highly successful "365 Range" we have a wide selection of the well known and some special bait ingredients to enhance and improve any homemade baits.

'The 365 Range' The Ultimate Food Source
Our highly successful 365 range of hand rolled carp baits are produced using a steaming process as opposed to boiling, this ensures a far greater retention of High Nutritional Values (HNV) within our baits. Providing a long term, very digestible food source, that carp will readily take and continue to accept and recognise as an invaluable all year round supplement to their dietary requirements.

Ongoing Bait Development
We are sure you will be impressed with our extensive range of hand rolled steamed carp baits, pop ups and our complete range of bait ingredients, additives, mixes etc. Our ongoing development programme will ensure that once our fieldtesters are 100% satisfied with their results testing our prototype baits you will be the first to benefit, so please keep an eye on our online catalogue and news and updates section for up to date information on new baits and additions to our ever growing range, or alternatively for any of your bait enquiries please contact Steve Slater at Innovate Baits on 07878330297 or (0)844 335 0365 where you will always be prescribed the right advice..!

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Our Steamed Bait Carp Range . !
Steamed Carp Baits
Welcome to our unique range of steamed rolled frozen baits. Our rolled baits are steamed to perfection, not boiled, for the ultimate freshness and retention of nutritional value to help you lure that specimen carp.

Now available in Shelflife Version to suit those anglers who do not need freezer variety and want the convenience of ready to use baits anywhere anytime! Find out more in our Shop.


Quality steamed rolled carp baits in freezer and shelflife versions

Mega Buoyant Pop Ups
Steamed Pop-ups
A superior range of exceptionally bouyant Pop Ups, bait needle friendly, matching the highly successful 365 range of steamed rolled baits. Our Pop Ups are created using our highly innovative steaming process. Try them and we are sure you will agree they are the best pop ups you have ever used.!


Glugs, Dips & Suspensions
Glugs, dips and suspensions
A matching range of top quality glugs, honey like in consistency. The range is tailored perfectly to match the 365 range of steamed baits and is PVA friendly, fabulous within a stick mix or used straight in a bag, or simply for glugging your hookbaits.


Bait Making Additives
Additives and base mix ingredients
Only the finest and most effective additives are available at Innovate Baits. We have sourced the best quality products we have been able to find to bring to you a selection of the well known and some specials exclusive to us! For the best home made boilies you will need the best boilie ingredients,our extensive range should fulfill your every requirements.


Base Mixes
Base Mixes
A unique range of base mixes incorporating only the finest ingredients and additives, this is what the awesome "365 Range" is based upon. Utilising this winning mix will enable you to create a tailored bait to suit your specific requirements. If you have tried the awesome 365 range of steamed baits but like developing your own baits, do the next best thing, build a winning bait on our proven base mixes.


Only the finest and most effective spices are available at Innovate Baits. It has been written about, time and time again, spices help to bank more fish when used correctly.
A selection of the well known and some specials exclusive to us!
The best baits require the best ingredients, spices the highest quality may just give you the edge.


Flavour Range
We searched high and low until we felt we had in our opinion acquired the finest quality flavour range available, we are sure you will agree!


We are constantly adding and updating our product range, if there is something you are after and you cannot see it, please email us with your requirements, due to our bulk buying discounts we may be able to provide you with a very competitive price....TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME.