About Innovate Baits and the Team

Innovate Baits are based near Sandy, Bedfordshire, specializing in developing and manufacturing carp baits just that little bit different to the run of the mill selection available today, as well as developing baits that Catfish and Barbel have found hard to resist.

With a host of bait and angling know how, this bait company aims to provide you, the angler, with top quality innovative baits at affordable prices to inspire confidence both in you and the fish to accept one of the most exciting bait ranges to come along in a very long time.

As a bait company we develop our baits, firstly, as a food source, incorporating only products we know are good for the fish and will aid growth and promote good health, naturally by doing this, a bait is automatically created, but this time it’s a bait that will be recognized as a necessary dietary requirement of the carp, after all, we all need good quality food to survive, and we all keep coming back for food that we like, don’t we?

Steamed not boiled

Steaming our baits is a definite edge in providing what we believe are the best quality carp baits available, if you have ever tasted a boiled vegetable and then compared it to a steamed vegetable, you will completely understand where we are coming from, if you have never tried it, give it a go, you will be very pleasantly surprised, and hooked….The same principle applies to our baits, steaming not only keeps more flavour in, but allows for a more consistent bait with higher nutrient retention, let us explain…


Boiled baits, not surprisingly, undergo a boiling and battering process whereby there naturally will be a tremendous loss of flavour, nutrients and many soluble ingredients (at uncontrollable levels) paramount to the quality of that bait during the cooking process, subsequently, baits in some instances are over flavoured to begin with to allow for this loss, consistency levels are very hard to achieve.

Steaming on the other hand is a far more subtle and controlled form of cooking baits, the flavour loss is very minimal, and more proteins and nutrients are left within the bait, some are obviously lost due to the cooking process, but at a lower level, in fact so much so, that most of our baits have no more than 1-3ml of flavour inclusion per kilo, this means consistency in baits due to the low levels required, it also means you will never get an over flavoured bait, which can sometimes deter the fish.

Also due to the levels mentioned the bait is unlikely to “blow” for some time, if at all, whereas a boiled bait, naturally needs high levels of flavouring as mentioned, as the wash out effect is not guaranteed when boiled, therefore, providing inconsistencies, think about it, it makes complete sense, and maybe explains why on some sessios you may have caught on a particular bait, and then for a number of sessions after that you have blanked using the same bait, but possibly from a different batch. Our aim is to consistently provide the best carp bait to enable you to have the confidence every time you fish that what you are offering really is the best carp bait available.

Truly Innovative and exciting

We genuinely believe we have the most exciting and innovative bait range available today, we steam for maximum nutritional retention, quality and consistency, using only the finest and freshest ingredients available we are able to offer the angler an exceptional and superior range of steamed rolled baits offered in a frozen range for ultimate freshness.

Our Matching Pop Ups are ridiculously buoyant, utilizing the same base mix as the rolled bottom baits, incorporating, part pop up mix and part cork granules, an awesome combination; our range of specialized hook baits need to be tried to be believed, along with an innovative range of glugs, dips and suspensions, all completely original and very different giving that extra edge that quite often makes the difference between catching and blanking.

Once again all products are produced utilising the highest quality ingredients, additives and flavours.

Our goal is to get you catching, we strongly believe that the secret to any good carp bait is without doubt creating, firstly a “Food Source”, one that the carp will recognize as something that is not only good from an “I want to eat you” point of view, but a food that benefits them nutritionally to promote good growth and health.

Let us make it very clear, carp are NOT highly intelligent, however, they know instinctively when they have eaten something whether or not it is good for them, if they are able to digest the bait easily is a prime factor and if the proteins and amino levels are sufficiently high to encourage the carp to want to come back for more, then you are half way to achieving success, we have the ability to provide that quality of bait that is so very important in both establishing a “going bait” or contrary to popular belief in providing an instant attract bait, it does not always have to be very bright or over flavoured to get an instant result, although there is also a time and place where the latter will and does work.
How you present that bait is down to your ability…!

You owe it to yourself to at least give this new generation of baits a test session, it won’t just be the fish getting hooked, contact us now or order direct via our secure shopping cart.

Our “365 Range” of steamed rolled baits 'steamies' will impress the most stringent of bait buffs; after all, quality will always remain quality....and a food source will always be a food source!

Tight lines!
The Innovate Baits Team.


Profile ----- "Steve REAPER Slater"
A highly regarded carp angler Steve prefers to keep a low profile as far as his own personal fishing goes and shuns the limelight, with 13 x 40s and a brace of 50s under his belt as well as at least 300 carp between 20 and 39lb since he picked up his first carp rod in 2004 Steve as an enviable record.
Steve's bait know how is excellent and his unique approach to constructing carp food steamies has resulted in some of the most highly regarded and formidable fish catching baits available today!
50 year old Steve is a single parent, with a lovely and understanding 16 year old daughter called Chloe who has a PB carp of 23lbs.

Nicknamed "THE REAPER" on local waters, Steve has gained a reputation for his uncanny knack of turning up on new waters and quickly becoming successful, He states "I'm no great angler, I just think about what im doing and where im going, too many people turn up, go to their favourite swim because they have been successful there once before without considering anything else, they catch nothing then blame the bait. The bait is just part of an anglers arsenal,its true that a quality carp bait will give even a poor angler an edge but in the hands of a good carper who has watercraft,a quality bait can be devastating!

I'd rather fish in the right swim for one hour than the wrong one for twenty four hours!
Caught on Innovate Steamed Rolled Baits

Chris Mardlin
What can be said about Big Chris ?? Without doubt a very highly regarded carp angler and a major part of the Innovate team. He is what you would call a thinking anglers angler if that makes sense, Rich T calls him the "Rig Guru" because his innovation and meticulous attention to detail is second to none, his catch rate obviously reflects this. Most anglers could do themselves no harm at all by just sitting having a brew and picking his brains for a few minutes.